HBI Senegal soon to resume trade with Mali. 🇸🇳 🇲🇱

ECOWAS is about to lift completely the economic sanctions with Mali, borders are set to reopen. 🙏
The lifting of the embargo on commercial and financial transactions was eagerly awaited in Mali, exhausted by ten years of conflict, and where negotiations between the government in place and ECOWAS have been going on for months.

Traffic is slowly resuming on the Bamako-Dakar trade. Before this situation, almost 23% of Senegal exports were destined to Mali, more than 300 trucks used this route daily and on the opposite trade, almost 1,000 trucks converged to Dakar’s port: main access to the sea for Bamako.

For all your freight request to Mali, please reach out to HBI Senegal: [email protected].
We will be delighted to assist you in your needs. 🚚✈️⚓️
Thanks for your patronage.


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